Change the World

Atkinson, co-founder and co-director of Forward Justice, is fighting to give currently and formerly incarcerated people a second chance.
/ July 10, 2023
gracie's corner, gracies corner
“Gracie’s Corner” is committed to showcasing the diversity Black children but also strives to promote inclusivity and representation.
/ June 20, 2023
Eboni K. Williams tackles what Juneteenth really means to Black folks and how is helped the liberate us in America.
/ June 19, 2023
Khadi Oluwatoyin and Ryann Cooke from the Sober Black Girls Club tackle issues of alcoholism and how it affects the Black community.
/ June 1, 2023
Living with MS is difficult! Most people don’t know what MS is. Black people are diagnosed with MS all over the world.
/ March 15, 2023
Parents Roy and Beverly shed light on gun violence, organ donation and continuing their 19-year-old’s legacy through a new foundation.
/ December 7, 2022
Black lives Matter
The Black Lives Matter organization provided $1.4 million in grant money to a nonprofit founded by the mother of Michael Brown. The Michael O.D. Brown We Love Our Sons & Daughters Foundation, founded by Lesley McSpadden, was created shortly after Brown’s tragic passing.
/ May 30, 2022