Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys Introduce Head Coach Mike McCarthy
Jerry Jones will not publicly announce the Dallas Cowboys policy on standing or kneeling during the national anthem for team players.
/ August 13, 2020
Jace Prescott, Dak Prescott’s eldest brother, was found dead the day of the NFL Draft but no cause of death has been revealed
/ April 24, 2020
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had to defend himself after allegations that he threw a party that violated social distancing directives.
/ April 15, 2020
Jerry Jones thegrio.com
Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Rayne Dakota “Dak” Prescott, stood proudly during the national anthem much to the delight of his team’s owner, Jerry Jones.
/ August 11, 2018
If you were waiting for an apology from Dak Prescott you’re out of luck because he refuses to say sorry for believing in standing for the national anthem.
/ August 7, 2018
Randy Moss thegrio.com
Former NFL player, Randy Moss, wore the names of Black men and women killed by police in recent years on his tie during his Hall of Fame induction.
/ August 6, 2018
The Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott continues to take heat for dismissing national anthem protests in the NFL, calling them inappropriate.
/ August 5, 2018
Tomi Lahren thegrio.com
Tomi Lahren celebrates Dak Prescott who is on board with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones insistence that players stand for the national anthem.
/ August 1, 2018
The team’s new face made the proclamation after owner Jerry Jones said players will stand for the anthem and cannot remain in the locker room.
/ July 28, 2018