Megan Markle

Meghan Markle
Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was on “CNN Heroes” to salute frontline workers who have worked tirelessly during the coronavirus pandemic.
/ December 14, 2020
The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Morocco
The former actress talked Sen. Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams and emphasized the importance of casting a ballot in November’s presidential primary election.
/ August 27, 2020
Meghan Markle
Megan Markle and Prince Harry seemed Canada-bound at first, but now they may have changed their minds and set their sights on Southern California
/ January 31, 2020
Meghan Markle
After constantly getting dragged by the British media for the last few years, this week video surface that shows Meghan Markle on the verge of tears during a rare interview for an upcoming ITV documentary.
/ October 18, 2019
Prince Harry_Meghan Markle
Prince Harry became emotional when talking about his experience becoming a parent over the past year at a charity event in London
/ October 17, 2019
Meghan Markle
The son of Meghan Markel’s half-brother was caught by police and believed to be under the influence of an unknown substance
/ October 3, 2019
Serena Williams remains hopeful about winnning the U.S. Open but her coach is said to have doubts due to Meghan Markle’s appearance.
/ September 7, 2019