N word

A white Kentucky man faces up to five years in prison after infiltrating a fifth grade Zoom class and using racial epithets in fall 2020.
/ July 9, 2022
The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating a white male lieutenant’s alleged use of the N-word while calling a 911 radio dispatcher.
/ July 2, 2022
William J. Ryan, who is white, was arrested on a second-degree charge of menacing as a hate crime following a road rage incident in New York.
/ June 18, 2022
The Grace Christian Academy student seen in the now-viral video has been issued “severe disciplinary action” by the academy.
/ May 7, 2022
Black lives Matter thegrio.com
Hate crime charges have been filed against a Michigan man who the Department of Justice accuses of intimidating Black Lives Matter advocates.
/ April 30, 2022
The man also committed a lewd act during a Zoom meeting between members of a North Carolina Black community betterment group. 
/ March 13, 2022
The Briarcliffe Volunteer Fire Company is under investigation after some members allegedly made racist comments during a virtual call.
/ February 20, 2022