“I don’t understand why they arrested him and not me,” the boy told the news outlet. “I say, that was just plain old racist.”
/ February 20, 2022
Philadelphia teen thegrio.com
A suburban Philadelphia teen says she was targeted in an online post by a classmate but police say the post does not rise to the level of a threat.
/ July 29, 2020
A Tennesse teenager was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting while out with friends but police don’t believe she was the target
/ May 6, 2020
high school students Nazi prom photos thegrio.com
Two Minnesota high school students proudly posted on socail media a picture doing a Nazi salute along with a Hitler themed sweetheart dance invite
/ January 18, 2019
Just when parents had finally recovered from the Tide pod challenge, the “Hot water challenge” has now taken its place, […]
/ July 31, 2018
Nevada Teens thegrio.com
Teens sue Yerington High School in Yerington, Nevada and win after the school ignored their claims of suffering intense racist harassment.
/ June 29, 2018
The Download, Black Panther breaks records, Trump trolling crosses the line, teens fight back
/ February 20, 2018