Toni Morrison

Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye,” and “Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe were among the 41 books removed from Keller school libraries.
/ August 18, 2022
The Beauty of Blackness
The Sephora-produced documentary chronicles the revival of iconic beauty brand Fashion Fair; plus, 9 other docs celebrating Black women.
/ March 5, 2022
The Wentzville School Board has reversed its ban of “The Bluest Eye” one month after voting to remove it from school shelves.
/ February 27, 2022
White House Black History Month Exhibit
The White House welcomed theGrio to the East Wing to exclusively view its weeks-long Black History Month exhibit.
/ February 26, 2022
Recitatif, written by Toni Morrison in the early 1980s, follows the lives of two women from childhood to their contrasting fortunes as adults.
/ January 8, 2022
“All those takes,” Cross told MSNBC viewers, “are like searching the edges while refusing to see what’s staring right back at you.”
/ November 4, 2021
As governor, Terry McAuliffe vetoed bills like the one Glenn Youngkin’s ad supports about opting out of certain books being taught.
/ October 27, 2021