Keke Palmer wishes son a happy first birthday: ‘I say hello to life because of you’

Palmer gave birth to her first child, Leodis, on Feb. 25, 2023. In her tribute to him on social media, she noted how challenging life can be and how lost one can feel at times.

Keke Palmer’s son is officially 1, and after a full year of motherhood, the actress said she’s sure of her value. 

Palmer celebrated the birthday of her son, Leo — born Leodis Andrellton Jackson — over the weekend, sharing a candid tribute on Instagram where she noted how challenging life can be and how lost one can feel at times.

“But since you my son, I have no confusion on why I am here! On my purpose or my value or why I should stay. I wanna stay for you,” she wrote in the caption of an IG post that featured pictures and videos of Leo, including a clip of Palmer blowing raspberries on his cheeks and another of her pushing him on a swing.

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Keke Palmer celebrated her son, Leo, on his first birthday over the weekend. Above, she attends the 2023 BET Soul Train Awards in November in Hollywood. (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Palmer welcomed her first child with her former boyfriend, Darius Jackson, on Feb. 25, 2023. The “Password” host — who has had a difficult personal life amid a very busy professional life in the months since — credits Leo for being her “peace” since pregnancy and her will to live.

“You came into my life today at 3:25pm,” she wrote in the post’s caption. “But I knew even before then that you were the strongest person I ever knew. There were so many moments during my pregnancy where your silent strength would give me peace. This is something you still do just with your mere existence!”

She added: “You make my life so worth living.”

Palmer continued by explaining that she would do just about anything, including “take a thousand bullets to the chest” or “run into a burning building” to protect him.

“[E]ssentially I’d die a thousand deaths … or actually I’d LIVE, I’d live a million lives. Even with all the pain and suffering one has to experience here,” she wrote. “I will do it over and over again, because I know that I’d be with YOU!” 

She concluded the caption by noting how easy it is in life to “say goodbye,” but she declared she’s going to say “yes” and “hello” to life because of Leo.

“[I]’m so happy for my son. Thank you God. I love you so much buddy,” she wrote.

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In posts to her Instagram story, the actress shared scenes from an intimate family birthday gathering in Leo’s honor. Palmer also shared a video taken the day he was born. In the clip, Palmer can be seen looking over a newborn Leo as he sleeps in his cradle in the hospital.

“This is my son,” she can be heard saying as she looks up at the camera.

“The world just done gave you a whole son,” a male voice off-camera replied.

Before the clip finishes, Palmer tucks her son in and declares, “The world done made a king.” 

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