Black Hair Care

A Black-owned hair brand has cemented its spot in history by launching a collection on the home shopping network QVC.
/ February 15, 2023
Color of Change #CareForBlackHair
When a report by the National Institutes of Health that found correlations between permanent hair treatments such as hair dyes
/ January 19, 2023
Mielle Organics, viral TikTok, Rosemary Oil, Alix Earle
We love to see a Black woman-owned business thriving, and thanks to TikTok, Mielle Organics’ already high sales have recently
/ January 4, 2023
The barber who pioneered many of the hair care products that became an iconic part of the Black community has
/ July 8, 2022
Disney To Buy 21st Century Fox's Entertainment Business
The first photo that CurlCap founder Britney Crowell ever took of her patented, backless brimmed caps was at Disney World,
/ May 8, 2022
Business Signage
The nation’s largest beauty retailer plans to invest $50 million in diversity, equity, and inclusion funding in 2022, according to
/ February 19, 2022
Marlo Hampton
Marlo Hampton has undergone a pricey hair transplant procedure that left her bruised and swollen.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta
/ August 16, 2021