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As the holidays emerge, trans activist, Imara Jones reflects on her visit to Salvador da Bahia, a place where she is allowed complete freedom to be herself.
/ December 17, 2019
Here are five concrete ways cisgender people can be and do better to support the trans community as we commemorate today’s Transgender Day of Remembrance.
/ November 20, 2019
This week a Black transgender woman was found shot to death in Kansas City, making her the 21st nationwide this year.
/ October 22, 2019
Joshua Dominic Bourgeois
A man was arrested and charged with murder on Friday for the death of a transgender woman who was stabbed to death in July.
/ August 27, 2019
A South Carolina transgender community is currently in a state of high alert after the murder of the second transgender woman of color in just 15 days.
/ August 10, 2019
Laverne Cox
Laverne Cox on Friday shed light on the issue ahead of this year’s World Pride celebration, which kicked off Sunday amid much fanfare.
/ June 30, 2019
TheGrio examines the community issues behind the murder of Muhlaysia Booker, the transgender woman whose beating was captured on cellphone video last month.
/ May 20, 2019
Imara Jones evaluates the new enrollment policy at Morehouse College, which contradicts the current reality for trans men and women on campus.
/ April 16, 2019
Edward Thomas thegrio
Dallas Police charged Edward Thomas, 29, was with one count of aggravated assault for his alleged role in what authorities have flagged as a hate crime.
/ April 15, 2019
Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.
Dana Martin was found shot in the head late Sunday night. Her vehicle veered off Brewer Road in Montgomery and was settled in a ditch.
/ January 11, 2019
Kelly Stough
Kelly Stough, a transgender woman was found dead on a Detroit street on Friday and a pastor, Albert Weathers is charged with the crime.
/ December 12, 2018
Keo Chaad Oneal
Keo Chadd O’neal  made history last month when he became the first transgender man to graduate from Spelman College.
/ June 3, 2018