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Recent layoffs at tech giants Google and Meta have affected thousands, and they are just the latest examples of downsizing

/ February 4, 2023
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The digital age has made searching for a job and landing an interview much more accessible than for generations past,

/ February 3, 2023
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A recent spate of layoffs has captured our attention. One after another, big tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google

/ January 26, 2023
The Reset With Coach Tish, working abroad, Ghana, African Diaspora,

Since “The Year of Return, Ghana 2019,” it seems we haven’t stopped returning to the motherland. In my circle of

/ January 19, 2023
Workplace burnout

Remember the girl who always had her hand raised, volunteered to be the group leader, and also always managed to

/ December 29, 2022
Self-advocacy, career coach, Ariane Hunter

The art of self-advocacy is learned over time, but for Black people, I think the time to figure it out

/ December 22, 2022
How to take a sabbatical

I was a student at Florida A&M University when I first heard the word “sabbatical.” It’d been a while since

/ December 15, 2022