Donald Trump and Barack Obama
Unsurprisingly, in a new Gallup poll, Obama remains popular among Democrats while Trump is enjoying unwavering support among Republicans
/ December 30, 2019
Barack Obama
The former president noted that men in global leadership positions should know that they are “not there for life” and that women should get more deference
/ December 16, 2019
Obama broke down ‘cancel culture’ and claims of being ‘woke’ and why it’s detrimental to activism. But there are important reasons why he’s correct
/ October 31, 2019
Donald Trump and Barack Obama
The president apparently wants to divert lawmakers from looking at his business dealings and instead focus on Obama’s deal with Netflix
/ September 17, 2019
Barack Obama thegrio.com
In his first statement since the shootings in El Paso, Tex., and Dayton, Ohio., the former president says Americans “are not helpless” to do something about gun violence
/ August 5, 2019
Although plans for a library honoring the former president are moving forward, residents of Chicago’s South Side are concerned that changes to the area will uproot longtime dwellers
/ August 5, 2019
Is the Trump campaign even attacking art dedicated to Barack Obama? A t-shirt on his campaign website is apparently doing just that
/ April 17, 2019