Yvette Nicole Brown

EMILY's List Oscars Week Discussion
Get ready for some exciting new content from Disney Junior perfect for the entire family. Disney television has announced an…
/ April 29, 2022
In a statement, Daniel Ek said he and the staff at Spotify “have a clear opportunity to learn and grow together from this challenge.”
/ February 7, 2022
51st NAACP Image Awards - Nominees Luncheon
In a recent podcast interview, Yvette Nicole Brown reveals that she got “full-blown diabetes” while shooting her hit series, Community.
/ June 17, 2021
“Community” actress Yvette Nicole Brown took to social media to announce the passing of her beloved mother, Fran, on Sunday.
/ May 30, 2021
“How can calling Tim Scott ‘Uncle Tim’ be racist when he just told everyone this isn’t a racist country?” Bree Newsome wondered on Twitter.
/ April 29, 2021
According to reports, Rudolph and Brown are set to star in Disney’s highly-anticipated sequel to their 2007 live-action musical movie.
/ April 27, 2021
After Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict for murdering George Floyd, responses from Black Hollywood poured in, full of gratitude and future hope.
/ April 21, 2021