Brianna Rhodes

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott bared a little skin in a photoshoot for Playboy recently and it's turning heads among her millions of internet followers
The rap legend is being accused of writing a rubber check to an employee that was let go by her company. That employee is now litigating
The two have never admitted publicly that they are together, but vacation photos in Mexico indicate that they are, and that there's a surprise coming

Although fans were looking forward to his 'The Big Day' tour, Chance the Rapper says that he wants to postpone it to focus on family
The beef between the two celebs seems to have cooled a little when abruptly, they had nice things to say about one another
The rapper makes it known that she's got words for people who criticize others who choose to augment their bodies with plastic surgery

Following Saturday’s U.S. Women’s final loss to Bianca Andreescu, Serena Williams talks about her performance, which she calls, "disappointing."
Hundreds of Bahamas residents affected by Hurricane Dorian were not allowed to leave Freeport because a ferry company demanded passports or visas
An undocumented Jamaican man, who helped bring one of the world's most dangerous drug lords, is fighting deportation, which he says will lead to his death.

With a single school leading the way Denver is attempting to turn around its record on integrating schools, which has gained little in the past few decades
The family of the acclaimed actor is searching for members who were among thousands affected in by the worst hurricane ever to hit the Caribbean nation
The rapper laid into the 'Truth Hurts' singer describing her as a "millennial mammy" and a "joke", while also going after Cardi B, calling her "illiterate"
Barwest, a popular spot in Sacramento has adopted a dress code banning certain wear that seems to be targeted at African Americans
A Texas woman would have been the victim of a group of men who tried to take her purse, but she had a gun inside and wasn't afraid to use it
As the incident is being investigated, the death of the unidentified man marks the sixth fatal police-involved shooting in St. Louis this year.
The viral Popeyes chicken sandwich fad is not impressing the R&B icon, who says it's not a good look for Black people
The Cook County, Ill., prosecutor is making an effort to expunge perhaps thousands of marijuana convictions
Through his publicist, the comedian says the claim by his friend's former bodyguard has no basis in fact
In a long overdue recognition, the tennis champion who held titles two generations ago, was honored with a statue at the U.S. Open
R&B legend Bobby Brown, speaking through his attorney, says that reports that someone hit him with a car are completely untrue, despite her insisting he was