Kia Morgan-Smith

While Tyler Perry understands outrage over the signing of the bill that outlaws abortion as early as six weeks, he’s in a “wait and see mode.”
Jose Torres, president of Chicago's high performing Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, sent a letter to parents after the doll was found in a lounge.
Mike Tyson plans to help boost tourism in Antigua and Barbuda by opening a cannabis farm and creating an annual cannabis conference.

Lauren London appealed to her fans that all is not lost as she continues to grieve the untimely death of her love, Nipsey Hussle.
Too $hort and girlfriend Sue Ivy had a daughter Yani Shaw in December. It's the first child for the "Blow Your Whistle" rapper, who is 53.
Clueless actress Stacey Dash has been released from jail after she was arrested and accused of assaulting her husband Jeffrey Marty.

The rapper comes to New York to promote tracks from his highly anticipated album, but the release turns out to be another false start
The child is the second with husband Michael Sterling, but it comes amid what could be a custody battle for her daughter from another relationship
Del. Robbyn Lewis, who represents Baltimore, says Twitter kicked her off for violating its rules, but she says she was just posting about public transit

The nine-time Olympic gold medalist now had more world championship medals than the fastest man in the world, and did it after having a daughter
The former Patriots wide receiver asked for help on social media, but his writing was so bad, he turned Twitter users into grammar snobs
Oprah Winfrey dropped an extra $1.15 million, on a UNCF scholarship luncheon, matching the funds that were already raised
Tekashi 6ix9ine seems to believe he's still popular and that people will forget him naming names on the stand at his racketeering trial
For Brandon Allen, being crowned homecoming queen was a dream come true for the Memphis Tennessee high school senior, despite being male."I decided to wear a dress because I strongly believe in the fact that I'm a queen,"the LGBTQ...
Hampton University opened its doors and embraced students from the Bahamas displaced from Hurricane Dorian earlier this year.
Snoop Dogg and the Broadus family are grieving after his grandson reportedly died just 10 days after his birth.--Snoop Dogg fights tears; brings levity to Nipsey Hussle memorial: “We had the same spirit”--TMZ is reporting that Snoop and his...
An Atlanta Kroger store in a predominately Black neighborhood has customers up-in-arms over a new structure that has certain items encased inside the store.--‘OK’ hand gesture and other racist symbols added to Anti-Defamation League ‘hate’ database--Customers are calling the...
Lupita Nyong’o is not only set to star in a movie about the real all-female military unit known as the Amazons, but in real-life she’s going on a journey to trace their history.--Lupita Nyong’o on the “painstaking work” required...
A young Black girl at a predominately white private school in Virginia was abused and suffered through a traumatic incident involving three white classmates who held her down and cut off her locs.--Kids in Bahamas stranded with schools damaged...
Sade is surely cherishing the day her son came through his sex reassignment surgery stronger and more encouraged by the experience than ever.-- Sade reveals she’s a Drake fan and the Internet is losing it--The Grammy-winning singer's son, Izaak...