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theGrio REPORT - Serena Williams fans were besides themselves as stunning new pictures from her New York Magazine photo spread hit the internet Sunday.
theGrio REPORT - Saturday, Prince sat down with a select group of journalists from the National Association of Black Journalists at his Paisley Park compound.
theGrio REPORT - Saturday, Nicki Minaj sparked rumors and speculation about whether she is pregnant by her boyfriend Meek Mill, one of the opening acts on her Pinkprint tour.

theGrio REPORT - Saturday, Bernie Sanders came to Seattle to give two speeches, but thanks to protestors, the first one never happened.
theGrio REPORT - The family of Marvin Gaye recently made headlines when they won a contentious legal battle over Robin Thicke's hit song Blurred Lines. Now it appears a member of the family is getting ready to sue another celebrity for plagiarism, Lee Daniels.
FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — One year after the shooting that cast greater scrutiny on how police interact with black communities, the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, will be marked with a somber march and a moment of silence.

theGrio REPORT - Idris Elba has now made history as Maxim magazine's first male cover model.
theGrio REPORT - Terry McMillan is the latest celebrity to find herself in hot water for saying, "All lives matter."
theGrio REPORT - Last week, a St. Louis man was arrested for intentionally driving his vehicle into a police car, while his five year old daughter sat in the back seat.

theGrio REPORT - Tuesday, The Guardian revealed that an officer in Alabama was caught on a recording plotting to kill a black man whom he was frustrated with. In the audio he also suggests creating bogus evidence to imply the murder was in self-defense.
theGrio REPORT - Saturday, Agnes Fenton celebrated her 110th birthday and shared the two beverages she believes are the keys to her long life span: Miller High Life and Johnnie Walker.
theGrio REPORT - TMZ reporters love to ask comedian and actor D.L. Hughley his views on pop culture and over the weekend the topic seemed to be all things Donald Trump.
theGrio REPORT - It appears no one is immune to the powers of Beyonce - not even the First Lady.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden's associates have resumed discussions about a possible 2016 presidential run after largely putting aside such deliberations during his son's illness and following his death earlier this year. But Biden has yet to tell his staff whether he will run or personally ask them to do any planning for a potential campaign, according to several people close to the vice president.
theGrio REPORT - A disturbing video has emerged, showing a Florida man chewing the skin off of his fingertips in what police believe was an attempt to avoid identification.
ALPHARETTA, Ga. (AP) — Bobby Brown's sister vowed the family feud was "far from over" between their family and the late Whitney Houston's kin during the memorial service for her niece, Bobbi Kristina Brown.
theGrio REPORT - Thursday, a teen mom caught with a dead newborn stuffed in a shopping bag, while allegedly shoplifting at Victoria's Secret, was charged with murdering the baby boy.
theGrio REPORT - They say there's no such thing as "bad publicity," and this week, Meek Mills is about to test that theory.
theGrio REPORT - Tuesday, former NYPD detective and CNN contributor Harry Houck argued that Sandra Bland would not have died in police custody if she had not been “arrogant from the very beginning.”
theGrio REPORT - According to sources, an armed man was cornered by cops inside a Brooklyn bodega, where an officer is seen on video hitting him in the face while trying to subdue him for stealing a slice of pizza and some oregano.