Body Positivity

OPINION: The constant sharing of viral fatphobic videos from comedians and haters about the musical superstar gives these trolls exactly

/ August 30, 2022
Lizzo Performs

Lizzo wants to help every body feel “good as hell.” The entertainer has announced the launch of Yitty, a size-inclusive

/ March 31, 2022

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Lizzo is slamming Texas policies restricting women’s access to abortion and a recent directive by Texas Gov.

/ March 15, 2022

OPINION: Women are especially targeted with messaging that makes us feel like our bodies are our enemies instead of our

/ March 11, 2022
Lizzo Performs

Lizzo is “freeing herself in love.” The singer shared nude posts on her Instagram over the weekend, with a message

/ February 7, 2022
Tyra Banks

Former supermodel Tyra Banks said her body and mind are so much “fuller,” as she celebrated her 48th birthday on

/ December 5, 2021

One thing about Lizzo, she’s always going to spread self-love and body positivity. The same can’t be said for the

/ August 14, 2021