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Study shows that #MeToo movement only changed the behavior of 18% of Americans
Comedian Tiffany Haddish signs on to a starring role in upcoming "The Lego Movie' sequel
Former Attorney General of the US Eric Holder wins lawsuit against GOP Governor Rick Scott, forcing special elections to be held in Wisconsin
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'Chicago Fire' actress Dushon Monique Brown has died unexpectedly.
L.A. Reid signs Outkast's Big Boi as the first artist to his new music label Hitco
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Aretha Franklin has been ordered by her doctor to cancel upcoming concerts and get some much-needed rest
You may now see an unfiltered photo of Kim Kardashian West's daughter Chicago West
Suburban Chicago man accused of murdering his estranged wife and then abducting their two toddlers will remain in custody.
Season 2 American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard releases a tribute album to Luther Vandross
Two top Nike executives including President Trevor Edwards exit company amid workplace complaints
What initially began as hundreds of court cases being compromised by the Gun Trace Task Force, has now increased to thousands according to Baltimore’s State Attorney, Marilyn J. Mosby. The Baltimore Sun quotes Mosby, while speaking on a panel Friday...
Janelle Monae, who once described herself as imagining that she was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz while growing up, is about to drop her fourth album. Monae who’s never been one to be defined by labels, created a...