Kia Morgan-Smith

The trial of Edward Thomas, the man charged in brutally beating a transgender woman in a mob attack that went viral in Dallas, started on Monday.
A music producer and songwriter has come forward with the claim that Lizzo’s chart-topping hit “Truth Hurts” isn’t “one hundred percent” hers.
On Tuesday The Real got really emotional when the ladies helped a guest looking for her loved ones get the shock of her life, thanks to guest host, actress Tisha Campbell. READ MORE: Gina Rodriguez apologizes after posting video singing...
Three North Carolina women, hired to care for the elderly, are accused of forcing senior citizens with dementia to come to blows.
Rodriguez who has made problematic comments in the past, has issued an apology after getting blasted by the internet for singing Lauryn Hill’s lyrics on the “Ready or Not” song by the Fugees, that included the n-word.
Singer Keke Wyatt obviously loves the kids because the songstress is expecting her 10th baby! READ MORE: Keep It Classy: Diddy responds to Cassie's pregnancy announcement The 37-year-old got a lot of talk about and will chronicle her life on a...
Aaron Dean refuses to cooperate and speak with detectives about the case, but Atatiana Jefferson's nephew has stepped up to give details about the murder.
Atatiana Jefferson’s 8-year-old nephew told authorities that moments before she was shot and killed by former Fort Worth Texas police officer Aaron Dean, she grabbed her gun to defend herself and pointed it toward a window because she heard a noise outside.
The former Chicago cop who killed Rekia Boyd, an unarmed black woman in 2012, and was acquitted of manslaughter four years later, is now trying to clear his criminal record.
Craig Stivender thought it was a bright idea to include an old picture of himself in blackface in his promotional video running for Sheriff.
As angry protesters in Hong Kong burn LeBron James jerseys for criticizing Daryl Morey over his pro-democracy support, the prolific basketball player has apologized, and trying to clear up his comments.
A man who was jailed for shoving a 3-year-old toddler into a hot oven, was arrested again and accused of pouring scalding hot water on another tot.
The white former Fort Worth Texas police officer Aaron Dean who was charged with murder after fatally shooting Atatiana Jefferson on Saturday in her own home, is out of jail on $200,000 bond.
Pablo Espinoza, public service aide, is under investigation for allegedly making disparaging racial remarks about a Black woman.
Movie mogul and proud father Tyler Perry went on The Real and said he disciplined his 4-year-old son, Aman, for disrespecting the nanny.
TMZ reports that radio station, HOT 97 will not play Tekashi 6ix9ine's music, but the station disputes that claim and believes Tekashi's team is behind it.
John E. Reid and Associates filed a federal lawsuit against Netflix and the acclaimed director saying they defamed the “Reid Technique” a police interrogation method highlighted in the miniseries that they in fact developed
Cyntoia Brown-Long sits down with NBC’s Lester Holt to break her silence in her first interview since her release from prison earlier this year. Brown was previously serving life for committing a murder at the age of 16.
Paul Eugene learned that he wasn't welcomed during a Trump rally after he was thrown out for wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey.
Among those in attendance of the Atlanta Pride parade was former Georgia gubernatorial contender Stacey Abrams, a gay rights supporter, who served as a grand marshal.