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A white supremacist who was attempting to create a neo-Nazi town in North Dakota recently underwent a DNA test on a talk show, which revealed that he is not 100-percent white.

Craig Cobb, 62, appeared on The Trisha Goddard Show and was given the results of a genetic test. Cobb found out that he is 14-percent Sub-Saharan African.

Audience members laughed and applauded, while Cobb called the results “statistical noise.”

“You have a little black in you,” Goddard told him.

The self-proclaimed white supremacist refused to fist-bump the British host, and followed up with, “I tell you. Oil and water don’t mix.”

Cobb made headlines this August when his plans to purchase land in Leith, ND in order to host “a white power music festival.”

The town is currently fighting Cobb’s desire to create an “Aryan enclave.”

Watch the video clip of Cobb receiving the DNA results above.

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